From Dream to Reality.

You want to be at the center of the concert hall, listening to a music you never heard before.

You want to be the musician. You want to live the film.

DreamSound : your sound of music.

High-End speakers Dash & Hal series

Active Ultra High-End 5 ways Loudspeakers

Linear Curve from 20Hz to 20 KHz. High performance. 1200 Watts.

Outstanding infra-bass. Suitable to Hi-Fi or Home Cinema.

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amplifier DSD A 2x70

Pure Class A 2x70 watts stereo amplifier

Quasi complementary symmetry transistors Push-pull output stage in pure class A.

high gain and high cutoff frequency, which can withstand a crest current of 45A.

Direct coupling between the stages without coupling capacitor.

Bandwidth: continuous over 80 kHz.

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Professional series Horn H50-25 & Lens L50-25

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Dreamsound Laboratory

  • Multi-Chambers

    Each speaker is working in a main chamber, and one or more sub chambers.

    This project is based on general dynamics and mathematics. All the MCAP-CR family is modeled as traditional spring-mass system.

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  • Helmoltz resonators

    Our speakers are built around Helmoltz resonators, as used in grand pianos.

    Main Chambers and sub Chambers are in contact by one or more events.

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  • Class A Amplifier

    Each speaker is controled by a Class A amplifier.

    It means 10 mono-amplifier for a pair of Hal or Dash. Each amplifier has it's own power supply, so the full power is available independently of the others.

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  • Listening Reviews

    Listening reviews

    Some impressions of music with Dash serie.